Nutri-Health YuWoW is a Platform for you created with the best practices learnt over 15 years by our clinical team. On the Nutri-Health YuWoW platform you will find the essence of best weight loss practices distilled into effective Diets and Review Trackers.

The Diet plans, based on the Ayurvedic Parkriti help you to balance and detoxify the body while losing weight, which leads to not only a sustainable weight loss but also better skin, hair and health.

Nutri-Health YuWoW™ is based on 15 Years of experience and study on actual client data who lost weight.

The Secret of weight loss which works is very simple! Only 2 ingredients are required:


    A diet which fits your body type.


    Constant motivation and nudge to keep going.

Nutri-Health YuWoW™ is a place which will help you recognize your unique body type , which means the plans come better suited to your body type and hence easier to follow and also work better on you. And most importantly make the process fun and interesting by nudging you gently and giving you tools to keep track of your progress.


8 mantras for a new you! A WOW you!

Your unique Prakriti also called Bio Energy which is a vedic method to know the body type – Diets according to Prakriti work better as they suit your body.
Plans have been created by Nutrition professionals working in the Diet clinic of over 15 years history. A unique alogrithm matches your body type to the correct diet plan according to your Bio Energy.
You Get a Dashboard which has tools to measure and track your progress, in a simple and fun manner.
You get delicious Indian and Western Recipes to make the weight loss process simple and practical.
You get regular alerts to Nudge you to keep the Good work going! Plus motivating messages to keep the enthusiasm.
You can share your success with friends and loved ones, or be an inspiration for others by sharing with the community!
The YuWoW App. Lets you do all this from the Mobile making it simple and yet very powerful way to lose weight and monitor progress.
The YuWoW advantage – Easy and Convenient, Saves Money, It is fun to do!
At $ a Day only!

Nutri-HealthYuWoW™ is promoted by Dr. Shikha Sharma, Founder and Managing Director of Dr. Shikha’s Nutri-Health Systems Pvt. Ltd., as an organization has been widely recognized as a pioneer in research based solutions for weight management and nutrition.

The Nutri-HealthYuWoW™ Diet Plans have been created by a team of Highly Qualified Nutritionist and Auyrveda Doctors. It is based on knowledge that has been distilled over 15 years of clinical practice and data of several thousand satisfied clients.

Fill the form below & get a real time BMI, BMR & Body Type and Body Constitution Analysis Report.

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| Age : test Years | Weight : test| Height : test.testtest|
Your BMI is: xyz
This indicates that:- xyz
More About BMI
Your BMR is: xyz calories per day
More About BMR
Your Body Type is: - test-test
First Dominant: test : (test%)
Second Dominant: test : (test%)
Recessive: test : (test%)

Majority of the people have elements of two prakritis. Very rarely do people have elements of all three prakritis.

The BMI threshold used to estimate whether an individual is overweight
Legend for BMI
0 to 15 : Severely Underweight
15 to 18.5 : Underweight
18.5 to 25 : Normal Weight
25 to 30 : Pre Obese
30 to 40 : Obese
Above 40 : Severely Obese
What Is BMI?
BMI is defined as Body Mass Index. It is a numeric estimation whether an individual in within a healthy weight or not. The formula for BMI is universal; BMI=Weigh in Kg divided by Height in meter square. YuWoW uses the BMI calculator to determine your body weight and calories to prepare the diet plans are adjusted accordingly. Our plans are scientifically based on your BMI and hence, this makes our diet chart customised to each individual.
Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is an estimate of how many calories you'd burn if you were to do nothing but rest for 24 hours. It represents the minimum amount of energy needed to keep your body functioning, including breathing and keeping your heart beating. Your BMR does not include the calories you burn from normal daily activities or exercise

Quick Comparison


Internet Diets – Free

  • Generic Plans
  • No medical and clinical experience in weight loss diet planning
  • Most diet plans not safe and healthy
  • Generic recipes
  • No process of engagement or motivation
  • No mobile app
  • No personal Dashboard
  • May not work

Internet Diets – Paid

  • Generic Plans
  • Lack of medical and clinical experience in creating weight loss plans
  • Some diet plans not safe and healthy
  • Generic recipes
  • Not motivating
  • Few have mobile apps
  • Most do not have a personal Dashboard
  • Costly, complicated and time consuming

YuWoW Advantage

  • Plans matching your body type
  • Diet plans created by highly qualified nutritionists and Auyrvedic doctors
  • Safe and healthy diet plans based on auyrveda knowledge
  • Indian and Western recipes
  • Interesting and engaging process to keep you motivated
  • Convenient and fun mobile app
  • Personal Dashboard makes weight loss fun and fashionable
  • Proven results with great savings

Sample Diet Plan, Dashboard, Recipes

The YuWoW Women

Join YuWoW

  • Weight Loss according to your vedic prakriti.
  • Weight loss diet Plan for 30 days.
  • 30 day unique diets will be visible on your personal dashboard and on YuWoW mobile app.
  • Indian & Western recipes based on clinical research
For a WoW You!!! Just $ a Day
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